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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2017

Minutes of the Annual Civil Engineering Society meeting held on 30th  March 2017.
Venue:  Auditorium, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Moratuwa.
Date   : 30th of March 2017
Time   : 11.15 a.m.
The annual  meeting of civil engineering society for year 2017 was held with main purpose of electing new office bearers for 2017.The meeting was conducted by Mr. Deshan Chanuka  secretary of CES with the presence of Prof.J.M.S.J.Bandara (Head of the department),Dr.J.M.A.Manathunga(Academic advisor),Prof. W.K.Mampearachchi ,Dr.L.I.N.De Silva(Senior Treasurer),Dr. W.B.Gunawardana.At first he invited to Mr. Kelum Sandamal former assistant secretary to read the minutes of the last meeting.The minutes of the previous meeting was proposed as in order by Mr. Nalaka Plgampola (sem 7)seconded by Mr.Ishan madushanka(sem 7). Mr Anushka Dassanayake presented the new constitution of the society & it seconded by Mr.Sachintha Gayan (sem 7) & Mr.Banuka VIduranga(sem 7). Then as the agenda of the meeting the new office bearers was selected as follows.
v  Academic advisor  : Dr. W. B .Gunawardana. (Appointed by Prof.J.M.S.J.Bandara & seconded by Dr.J.M.A.Manathunga)
v  Senior Treasurer: Prof. W. K. Mampearachchi.( Appointed by Prof.J.M.S.J.Bandara & seconded by Dr.L.I.N.De Silva) .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
v  President: Mr.Anushka Dassanayake (sem 7) [Suggested by Mr.Tharindu Piyumal(sem 7) & seconded by Mr.Amila Sankalpa(sem 7)].
v  Secretary: Mr.Achala Isuru (sem 7) [Suggested by Mr.Sachith Imalka(sem 7) & seconded by Mr. Pathum Lakruwan(sem 7)].
v  Vice-President :Mr.Sasith karunarathna(sem 5) [Suggested by Mr.Thisura Gamage(sem 5) & seconded by Mr. Tharaka Abesinghe(sem 5)].
v  Assistant secretary : Mr.Kelum Sandamal(sem 5) ) [Suggested by Mr.Roshan Sandaruwan(sem 5) & seconded by Mr. Thilanga Fonseka(sem 5)].
v  Junior treasurer :Mr.Kanishka Pramod(sem 7)  [Suggested by Mr.Thisura Gamage(sem 5) & seconded by Mr. Tharaka Abesinghe(sem 5)].
Editor: Mr. Isuru Ramawickrama(sem 7)  [Suggested by Mr.Vishwa Jayasinghe(sem 7) & seconded by Mr.Nuwantha Wijebandara(sem 7)].
Assistant Editors:
                Mr. Buddhi Rajapaksha (sem 5)  [Suggested by Mr.Hasitha Kithmal(sem 5) & seconded by Mr.     dileepa prabashwara(sem 5)].
                Ms.Sachini Wijewardhana(sem 5) [Suggested by Ms.Imalsha Rathnayaka(sem 5) & seconded by Ms.Nimna Manage(sem 5)].
Coordinators: Mr.Nishan Karunarathna(sem 7) [Suggested by Mr.Upamal Basnayake(sem 7) & seconded by Mr.Nadeera Rajapaksha(sem 7)].
                       Ms.Asanka De Silva(sem 7) [Suggested by Ms.Chathuri Jayamali(sem 7) & seconded by Ms.Darsha Dassanayake(sem 7)].

Assistant Coordinators:
                       Mr.Kalana Ranawaka (sem 5) [Suggested by Mr.Dimuthu Jayathilaka(sem 5) & seconded by Mr.Kushan Chandimal(sem 5)].
                       Mr.Janith Nipuna(sem 5)  [Suggested by Mr.Senehas Navodya(sem 5) & seconded by Mr.Praveen Maduwantha(sem 5)].

Committee Members :
                       Mr. Osanda Muthuhewa (sem 7)  [Suggested by Mr.Sahan Anuradha(sem 7) & seconded by               Mr.Vachira Senevirathna(sem 7)].
                       Mr. Lahiru Kalhara(sem 7) [Suggested by Mr.Sadun Nilakshana(sem 7) & seconded by Mr.Nadeera Sandaruwan(sem 7)].
                       Mr. Navodya Gamage(sem 7) [Suggested by Ms.Harshani Rajakaruna(sem 7) & seconded by Ms.Hasini Godawita(sem 7)].
                        Mr.Krishnakumar Thiniroshan(sem 7) [Suggested by Mr.Asfer Nazeer(sem 7) & seconded by Mr.Gangan Sudakaran(sem 7)].
                        Mr.Rizky Sameez(sem 5)  [Suggested by Mr.Zinthah Nawaz(sem 5) & seconded by Mr.Suraj Dombagahawaththage(sem 5)].
                        Mr.Nuwan Prabhath(sem 5) [Suggested by Mr.Thanura Hasntha(sem 5) & seconded by Mr.Sahan Shaminda(sem 5)].
                        Mr.Madhawa Dharmapriya(sem 5) [Suggested by Mr.Supun Sachintha(sem 5) & seconded by Mr.Ruwantha Geeshan(sem 5)].
                        Mr. Kalpa Silva(sem 5) [Suggested by Mr.Gihan Rupasinghe(sem 5) & seconded by Mr.Manoj Ranga(sem 5)].
10 Committee members from sem 3 appointed by Mr.Sasith karunarathna(vice president) & seconded by  Mr.Achala Isuru( secretary)

Former Secretary of CES invited to newly appointed President to taken over the meeting & the president welcomed all the guests and objectives of the civil engineering society were presented to the all members.
Next Dr.L.I.N.De Silva( Former Senior Treasurer)  talked about the past few year’s progress & about the history of the society. Further he said how it was developed under so many obstacles & the contribution of the all members. Finally he finished speech by congratulating the newly appointed committee members.
The president of the society Mr.Anushka Dassanayake thanked to Dr.L.I.N.De Silva to contribution he gave to the society over last 5 years & all the members highly appreciated the service of  Dr.L.I.N.De Silva.
Few plans for the upcoming year were presented to the audience by the president.
          1. New year festival 2017.
          2. Cricket festival.
          3. Suhastha( Seminar series).
          4. Civil Padura.
          5.Civil Night.
  Prof. W.K.Mampearachchi suggested to start Media & Photography subcommittee  & panel discussion series & it seconded by Dr. W.B.Gunawardana.
The secretary Mr. Achala Isuru thanked to all the members in the audience.                                        Finally the meeting adjourned at 12.15 p.m. by the president.

-----------------------------------------                                         ------------------------------
Anushka Dassanayake                                                             Achala Isuru
President of the Civil Engineering Society                                Secretary of Civl Engineering Society

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