Thursday, 18 August 2016

begun its song and nature all
around us had once more
bloomed into the most
stunning shapes and colours
that would impress even the
most critical. For the sun and

the moon and all the planets
had shifted again and again
and a brand new Sinhala and
Tamil year had dawned. Sri
Lankans have long since seen
this as a time for celebration, a
time to renew old friendships
and to cut any bonds of
The Civil Engineering students have also observed this celebration each year and this year too, the Civil
Engineering students of batch ’14 successfully held their own Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebrations with their
usual pomp and gusto. As we do with all our activities, for this celebration too, the whole batch got together and
worked together to bring forth another grand celebration on the 9th of May, 2016. On the morn of the day, most
noticeable among the many decorations were the traditional “kolan chithra” in the entrance of the department
and the Village Shop outside.
The arrival of the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof.
K.K.C.K. Perera, the Head of the Department of Civil
Engineering, Prof. J.M.S.J. Bandara and other staff members of
the Department of Civil Engineering signified the start of the
festivities as the traditional customs were done beginning
with the boiling of the milk pot.The traditional table of food was declared open with the lighting of the oil lamp done by Prof. K.K.C.K. Perera,
Prof. J.M.S.J. Bandara and our other guests. After everyone had partaken of the food, the girls of the Civil
Engineering Department entertained the guests with a folk dance.
Then the traditional New Year games were begun
starting with the race and other games like threading
the needle, “kana mutti bindeema”, “kotta pora”,
marking the elephant’s eye and musical chairs went on
till the evening. Both guys and girls enjoyed playing the
“rabana” (drum) and as usual, the swing remained one
of the main attractions of the day. The festivities
received guests from other departments throughout
the day where they were also invited to partake in the
games and the traditions.The day ended in the evening when another dance was given by the girls which was followed by the awarding of
prizes to all who had placed in the games held. The celebrations were declared a success by all.
This event was organised by the CES and the ’14 batch of Civil Engineering students. The success of this event is a
point of pride to the ‘14 batch and it showcased their many talents wonderfully. The ’14 batch would also like to

express their gratitude to their seniors in the Civil Engineering Department for their guidance and support.