Tuesday, 6 March 2018


According to the World Report on Disability, approximately one billion people in the world are living with a disability, with at least 1 in 10 being children and 80% living in developing countries. "Meth Mihira" is an event that we, civil engineering society organize in order to make a difference at least for a single day in such differently-abled children’s life.

Meth Mihira 2018 was held on 19th of February at the Civil Auditorium at 12noon. The event was commenced with welcome address and lighting of the oil lamp by the dignitaries. Dr.R.U.Halwatura, Prof.J.M.SJ.Bandara, Prof.S.A.S.Kulathilaka, Prof. (Mrs.)C.Jayasinghe, Dr.(Mrs.)J.C.P.H.Gamage, Dr.R.L.H.L.Rajapakse, Dr.(Mrs.)A.S.Ranathunga, Dr.(Mrs.)D.Nanayakkara, Prof.W.K.Mampearachchi, Dr.(Ms.)W.B.Gunawardan, Prof.M.T.R.Jayasinghe, and instructors of the Civil Department participated in the event and gave a great support to make the event success.

Then we entertained with those kids by performing musical events. Then kids performed a dance as a group which they have already prepared for that day. Their performance was marvelous and was appreciated by all of us.

Then they were led to the ground in front of the Civil Department for the fun events. They took part in games very enthusiastically and were happy in playing with us. After the play time, we brought them to the common area to have lunch. After having lunch they were again led back to the Civil Auditorium. Kids sang songs and danced with all of us. They enjoyed that moment and each of them eagerly came forward to sing and dance.

Finally, we gave gifts to all the kids and also donated two fans for that school. Incharge mistress of that school thanked us for making that day a special one for those innocent kids. Around 5 pm, the event was brought to an end and kids were sent back to their school safely by university bus. The event was successfully completed by making one day in their life with full of happiness, fun, and amusement. 

Monday, 5 March 2018

Guest Lecture - Kaluganga Reservoir Project

A guest lecture on Kaluganga reservoir head works development project was held on 30th January 2018 at 4.30 p.m at the Civil Auditorium. The meeting was organized by the Civil Engineering Society of the University of Moratuwa.

The main speaker was the Eng. G.H.L Kumarasiri (Master of Engineering in Water Resources, Development, University of Roorkee, India). Mr.Janith Nipuna welcome all the participants warmly and Mr.Thanura Hasantha coordinated the event. Dr.W.B.Gunawardhana also participated in the program. 


Project details, features, construction process and difficulties were discussed.
Basic details of the project:

Ø  Employer - Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment
Ø  Engineer – Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau
Ø  Contractor – Sinohydro Corporation Limited
Ø  Contract amount – approximately LKR 13.0 Billion
Ø  Project period – 4.5 years
Ø  Location – Matale, Central province

The main expected benefit of the project was transferring 100 MCM of water annually to Moragahakanda reservoir to fulfill downstream demands of Moragahakanda reservoir. Irrigation water is supplied to 4000 Ha. of existing and new lands in Kaluganga basin. There are some environmental benefits such as flood control, the supply of drinking water and inland fishery. Future power benefits using the available water head of the reservoir is also considered.
Then he explained about salient features of Kaluganga Project. Some of them are reservoir, main dam, saddle dam, spillway, diversion tunnel, bottom outlet tunnel, left bank irrigation outlet tunnel, transfer canal outlet tunnel and transfer tunnel.
Students from all the batches of the department of civil engineering participated for the event. 

Friday, 2 March 2018

The inaugural meeting of SSESL- Student Chapter

The Society of Structural Engineers- Sri Lanka which was established in the year 1990 is the leading professional body which serves the field of Structural Engineering in Sri Lanka. Extending its services for the undergraduates who are willing to serve the nation as structural engineers in the future, SSESL has taken a step forward to initiate a student chapter of SSESL at the University of Moratuwa. The Inaugural general meeting was held on 29 th of January at the Civil Engineering Auditorium with the participation of the Vice-president Eng.Nandana Abeysuriya, Assistant Secretary Eng. Tharangika Jayasuriya and Chairman of the Public relations committee Eng. Samitha Jayakody of SSESL. Dr. Chinthaka Mallikarachchi participated as the representative of the University of Moratuwa.

The ceremony was organized by the Civil Engineering Society and was commenced with the welcome speech by CES President, Sasith Karunarathne. Eng. Nandana Abeysuriya delivered his speech emphasizing the benefits of SSESL and the student chapter to undergraduates. Eng. Tharangika Jayasuriya spoke further about SSESL. Afterward inaugural executive committee of the student chapter was appointed. In this occasion, students has been given the chance to obtain their student membership for SSESL. The event was concluded successfully with the vote of thanks given by the newly appointed secretary.

With the establishment of this student chapter, undergraduates will be taken a chance to coordinate with giants in the Structural engineering field and will be given the opportunity to obtain knowledge and exposure to the industry through various seminars and other events which will be organized in collaboration with SSESL.

The inaugural Executive committee is as follows:
Ø  Advisory panel:
·         Eng. K. L. S. Sahabandu (President - SSESL)
·         Eng.  Nandana Abeysuriya (Vice President - SSESL)
·         Eng. Tharangika Jayasuriya (Asst. Secretary SSESL)
Ø  Senior Treasurer: Dr.  Chinthaka Mallikarachchi
Ø  President: Ruchintha Kodikara (Level 4)
Ø  Vice President: Hasini Weerasinghe (Level 4)
Ø  Secretary: Amaya Kahaduwa (Level 4)
Ø  Junior Treasurer: Devmini Kularatne (Level 4)
Ø  Committee members:
·         Bryan Eric (Level 4)
·         Rajeendra Godakandage (Level 4)
·         Randil Samuditha (Level 3)
·         Bemalka Senath (Level 3)

·         Tharindu Dissanayake (Level 2)

Friday, 9 February 2018


Venue:  Auditorium, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Moratuwa.
Date   : 18th of January 2018
Time   : 11.15 a.m.

The annual meeting of the civil engineering society for the year 2018 was held with main objective of electing the new office bearers for the year 2018. The meeting was conducted by Mr. Anushka Dasanayake, the president of the CES with the presence of Prof.W.K.Mampearachchi, Dr. W.B.Gunawardana and Dr.Ashani Ranathunga. At first he invited  Mr.Lahiru Thiwanka, the newly appointed assistant secretary to read the minutes of the last meeting. Then as the agenda of the meeting the new office bearers were selected as follows.

vAcademic advisor : Dr. W. B. Gunawardana. (Appointed by Prof.W.K.Mampearachci & seconded by Dr.Ashani Ranathunga)

v  Senior Treasurer : Prof. W. K. Mampearachchi.( Appointed by Dr.W.B.Gunawardana & seconded by Dr.Ashani Ranathunga) .                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
v  President: Mr.Sasith karunarathna (sem 7) [Suggested by Mr.Thisaru Gamage(sem 7) & seconded by Mr.Tharaka abesinghe(sem 7)].

v  Secretary: Mr.Kelum Sandamal (sem 7) [Suggested by Mr.Thilanga Fonseka(sem 7) & seconded by Mr. Janith Nipuna(sem 7)].

v  Vice-President : Mr.Sadish Madushan(sem 5) [Suggested by Mr.Milindu Jayasekara(sem 5) & seconded by Ms.Shashikala Rajasinghe (sem 5)].

v  Assistant secretary : Mr.Lahiru Thiwanka(sem 5) ) [Suggested by Ms.Isuri Fonseka(sem 5) & seconded by Ms.Hirushi Vandana (sem 5)].

v  Junior treasurer :Mr.Kalana Ranawaka(sem 7)  [Suggested by Mr.Thilanga Fonseka(sem 7) & seconded by Mr.Janith Nipuna(sem 7)].

v  Editors :
Mr. Hasanga Fernando(sem 7)  [Suggested by Mr.Senehas Navodya(sem 7) & seconded by Mr.Pravin Maduwantha(sem 7)].
Ms. Nadeeshani Haggalla (sem 5)  [Suggested by Mr.Asitha Rathnayake (sem 5) & seconded by       Ms. Isuri Fonseka (sem 5)].
Mr.Buddhi Rasathmaka(sem 5) [Suggested by Mr.Randil sumiditha (sem 5) & seconded by Mr. Hashan Ishara(sem 5)].

v  Internal affairs committe chairma:
 Mr.Risky sameez(sem 7) [Suggested by Mr.Thisaru Gamage(sem 7) & seconded by Mr.Janith Nipuna(sem 7)  

v  External affairs commitee chairman:

Mr.Janith Nipuna(sem 7) [Suggested by Mr.Thilanga Fonseka(sem 7) & seconded by Mr. Senehas Navodya(sem 7)

v  Comittee members:

Mr.Subash Chamara (sem 5) [Suggested by Mr.Roshantha Jeewaka(sem 5) & seconded by Mr.Lucky Prabath(sem 5)].
Mr.Dinuja Ilangarathna(sem 5)  [Suggested by Mr.Nalaka Jayantha(sem 5) & seconded by Mr.Lahiru Siomon(sem 5)].

v  Committee Members :
Main event organiser:

Mr. Buddhi rajapakshe(sem 7) [Suggested by Ms.Sachini shashiprabha(sem 7) & seconded by Mr.Thanura hasantha(sem 7)]. 
Chairman of the panel discussion commitee:

Ms. Sachini Wijewardane(sem 7) [Suggested by Mr.Gihan Rupasinghe (sem 7) & seconded by Mr.Manoj Ranga (sem 7)].

Chairman of the canteen commitee:

Mr.Suraj dombagahawaththa(sem 7) [Suggested by Mr.Pravin Maduwantha(sem 7) & seconded by Mr.Manoj(sem 7)].

Mr.Imal Dasanayake(sem 5)  [Suggested by Mr.Randil Sumuditha(sem 5) & seconded by Mr.Hashan Ishara(sem 5)].
Mr.Sudara Withan(sem 5) [Suggested by Mr.Udara Sachinthana (sem 5) & seconded by Mr.Sadun Wijebandara(sem 5)].
Mr.Mohamed Zenith(sem 5) [Suggested by Mr.Jayan(sem 5) & seconded by Mr.Bemalka Senath(sem 5)].
Mr. Thisaru Sandulika(sem 5) [Suggested by Ms.Narmada Liyanagamage (sem 5) & seconded by Ms.Wageesha Kavindi (sem 5)].

10 Committee members from sem 3 appointed by Mr.Sadish Madushan(vice president) & seconded by  Mr.Kelum Sandamal( secretary)

Former President of CES invited the newly appointed President to take over the meeting & the president welcomed all the guests and objectives of the civil engineering society were presented to all the members.
Then the vice president Mr. Sadish Madushan presented a video to the audience on the last years’ memories.

After that the President, Mr. Sasith Karunarathna invited all the past members to the front of the audience for the awarding of the certificates of appreciation for their contribution to the society.
Next the former President, Mr. Anushka Dassanayake talked about what they have done in last year and how it will proceed in the upcoming years. Finally he thanked all who supported the past member committee and congratulated the newly appointed office bearers.

Next Dr.W.B.Gunawardana( Academic Adviser)  talked about the past few year’s progress & about the history of the society. Further she said how it was developed under so many obstacles & the contribution of all members. Also she said what the improvements we have to engage and the alumina. association. Finally she finished speech by congratulating the newly appointed committee members.
Then Prof. W.K. Mampearachchi( Senior Treasurer ) talked about the contribution made by the past students and collecting donations from outgoing batches in order to increase the funds of the CES. Finally he talked about the programs which were done last year and he concluded his speech by congratulating the newly appointed committee members.
Then a few plans for the upcoming year were presented to the audience by the president. They are;
          1. New year festival 2018.
          2. Cricket festival.
          3. Suhastha( Seminar series).
          4. Civil Padura.
          5.Civil Night.
Then the secretary, Mr. Kelum Sandamal thanked all the members in the audience and the meeting was adjourned at 12.15p.m. by the president.                                                     


The Civil Engineering Research Symposium was one of the most highlighted Events of year 2017. 
The Symposium enlightened the future engineering minds on the  30th of November 2017 at the Civil Engineering Auditorium with the overall coordination by Prof.S.A.S.Kulathilake. First session of the event was chaired by Prof.S.A.S.Kulathilake with Dr.H.R.Pasindu as the secretary where as the second and third sessions were chaired by Dr.L.I.N.De Silva with Prof.A.A.D.A.J.Perera as the secretary.

The event emphasized on the Undergraduate researches of the Batch 12 of Civil Engineering Department. The Symposium was proceeded in three sessions in front of a respected panel and the students of the Department of Civil Engineering throughout the day despite the bad weather. The presentations made the event much more interesting with enthusiastic questions from the audience. 

The event wrapped up in style descending the bright ideas of the seniors to the junior undergraduates to be continued into the future.

Session 01
Comparison of Nailed Timber box beams with Nail Laminated Timber beams
Dr.(Mrs) MTP Hettiarachchi
Miss KPIE Ariyarathne
Finite element analysis on the effect of deep embedded retaining structures on the settlement of raft foundations
Dr.  LIN de Silva
Mr. MP Amarasinghe
Shear strength and permeability characteristics of compacted residual soils in an unsaturated state
Prof. SAS Kulathilake
Mrs. HPW Dilanthi
Evaluating multifaceted benefits of river restoration projects undertaken in Sri Lanka and future directions to develop Recommendations for further improvement
Dr. RLHL Rajapakse
Mr. WGCS Gayan
Volumetric design and performance analysis of Superpave and marshal  mix designs for Sri Lankan conditions
Prof. WK Mampearachchi
Mr. HAMB Kadurugamuwa
Use of Nano CaO loaded mesoporous Al2O3 for removal of Fourides from ground water rich in hardness
Prof. MW Jayaweera
Miss PAN Peris

Removal of Cadimium in hard water with nano zero valentrion (NZVI)
Prof. MW Jayaweera
Mr. RDJ Martin
Failure modes in stone columns in very soft clays
Prof. SAS Kulathilake
Miss MHM Harshani

Session 02
Prediction of creased geometry of thin folded membranes using finite element analysis
Dr. HMYC Mallikarachchi
MR. S. Mierunalan
Development of an undisturbed density measurement for heavy tamping model studies on MSW
Dr. UP Nawagamuwa
Mr. AMDC Bandara
Use of ozonation and photocatalysis for degradation of Glyphosate in potable water in CKDu Prevalent areas
Prof. (Ms) WB Gunawardana
Miss PP Jayasekara
A study on recontamination risks in water distribution systems, using a network model.
Prof.(Mrs) N. Rathnayake
MR. MHV Lasantha
Application of ERP system for construction industry
Prof. AADAJ Perera
Miss FST Hewawitharana
A study on water retention in ancient cascade systems
Dr. TMN Wijayarathna
Mr. JSI Thilakarathna
Study of Operational improvements of introducing electronic toll collection to expressways in Sri Lanka
Dr.HR Pasindu
Mr. CJ Vidanapathirana
Estimating the vehicle operating cost used for economic feasibility analysis of highway construction
Dr.HR Pasindu
Mr. DASSS Ranawaka

Session 03
Influence of matric suction on pullout resistance of soil nails
Prof. SAS Kulathilake
Mr. P Rajeeevkaran
Generic algorithm applications for optimization and novelty in engineering design
Prof. WPS Dias
Mr. K Thaniroshan


Port city Colombo is a brand new city development built as an extension of the Central Business District of Sri Lanka’s vibrant commercial capital, Colombo. Through this project the total area of the sea to be reclaimed is 269 hectares. It is expected to cater as an international Financial Centre. Construction of the Colombo Port City project was launched on the 17th of September 2014. It is expected to complete the landfill by 2019.

On the 9th of November 2017, the Civil Engineering Society of University of Moratuwa organized the field visit to port city land reclamation site in Colombo. Senior lecturer of the Department of Civil Engineering, Dr. L.I.N De Silva along with sixty students were given the opportunity to join this field visit.

The major objective of this field visit was to get exposure in construction. This visit comprised of a detailed explanation on the project plan by the main engineer of port city, a presentation-discussion round with the objective of identifying problems and solutions of this project as well as a closer examination of the landfill in the site. 

Furthermore, Eng. Amil Samarasinghe, the reclamation engineer at Colombo port city development project, gave a general explanation on Construction and Landfilling as well. Hence in conclusion the visit was an overall success with much valuable knowledge sharing and experience for the participants.


It was the 10th of November 2017.

The glamorous evening opened the curtains for one of the most prominent events of Department of Civil Engineering. It was the Civil Night 2017, a night filled with entertainment under the theme of prisoners.

The event started up with traditional lightning of the oil lamp by distinguished guest of honor for the day, the Head of the Civil Engineering department & the lecturers of the department who were present to sparkle the event.

The gathering was eagerly waiting to witness the events in the function. There were students dressed up as prisoners in one side of the hall and there were judges and policemen in other side of the hall. Everyone was more curious with embedded feeling of what will happen next.

The stage was opened to a glamorous song performed by the 2013 batch & then few dancing items & then the most humorous & thrilling event of the function came up. It was the drama performed by the students of level 4 of the department. The audience was showered with humor and laughter up to the end of the drama.

The function was not bound only to those events, but also for a short quiz competition which added more sparkles to the function & there were several singing & dancing items amidst those which added more glamour to the function.

The day ended up with adding more flashing memories to the presenters of the event & remarking the end of another memorable event in the Civil Engineering Department history.