Thursday, 26 October 2017

Civil Talks – 2017 (Phase 01)

The first phase of the annual panel discussion was held on the 18th of May 2017 at 4.30 pm at the Civil auditorium. The discussion was titled “Civil Talks 2017”. The event was chaired by Engineer Jayanath Raveendra, the head of Marketing and new product development at the International Construction Consortium (ICC). 

The gathering was addressed on the topic “Current trends in Civil Engineering”. 

The panel discussion was well attended by the lecturers and students in the Bachelor’s program of the department of civil engineering, in overall around 150 participants were presented for the discussion.

The panel discussion commenced by the welcome speech delivered by Anushka Dassanayake, the president of the civil engineering society(CES). 

As the topic implies the purpose of this discussion was to provide exposure through conversation on both recent literature reviews and the personal experience of the panelist who is working on developing reinvigorated methods that can be implemented in construction.

After the introductory speech on the panelist which was delivered by Osanda Muthuhewa, the chairman of the panel discussion committee of the civil engineering society (CES) the panelist went on discussing a series of contemporary competencies in construction and the attendees were encouraged to embrace the novelty, gullibility, development and maturation of them as the attendees will have to collaborate with these methods as they move forward in the field.

The panelist also went on discussing a range of perspectives and methods of facilitating the incorporation of new engineering concepts into individual engineers and the industry in general. 

The layout of the discussion was about 90 minutes followed by a brief Q&A session to engage audience and panelist for about 10 minutes. In overall the discussion is highly appropriate and appreciated by the attendees as the knowledge gained by the discussion will be in greater assistance when providing consensus for projects that will come forth. 

The attendees were served with refreshments as the discussion came to an end with the vote of thanks that was delivered by Achala Isuru, the secretary of the civil engineering society (CES).

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Civil Pedura 2017

Sri Lanka is a country which is deeply influenced by traditional forms of art, dance and music. Nourished by Buddhism in the early centuries followed by many foreign invasions latter, as at present our nation is enriched with diversified customs and traditions that holds great dignity and pride in every possible way. 

The ‘Civil Pedura’ which was held on the 8th of May organized by the undergraduates of the Department of Civil Engineering corroborated how profoundly they, as engineering undergraduates are radicated by such great creative values by showcasing their talents on folk dance and music. 

With the dazzling traditional attire along with a traditional paddy house against the backdrop of a traditional Sinhalese man or which was put together at the Civil ‘meda midula’ in front of the Civil Department premises succeeded to generate so genuine and heartfelt vibes to the night illuminated by lanterns which added more color to the overall setting.
The event commenced with the lightening of the oil lamp and the welcome speech delivered by Dimuth Jayathilake with an open invitation the event was attended by many, both students and the academic staff not only they were present to witness the performances and enjoy but also to entertain the gathering with their talents as well. 

TheFormer Head Prof. S.M.A. Nanayakkara also addressed the gathering and admired the talents of the all who contributed to the event. The synchronization of folk dance and music was at its best and well tuned with the collaboration of mind blowing performances were able to astonish the gathering with much joy and satisfaction. 

During the break ‘kadala’ and ‘beli mal’ were served as refreshments to all who were present at the event. The Head of the Department Professor J.M.S.J. Bandara also went on appreciating all the hard work that was put together to make the event a great success. 

Finally, after the vote thanks which was delivered by Kushan Chandimal the song ‘Ahasa Usata’ was sang demarcating the end of ‘Civil Pedura2017’, one of the most excellently creative events organized by the Department of Civil Engineering of University of Moratuwa. 

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2017

Minutes of the Annual Civil Engineering Society meeting held on 30th  March 2017.
Venue:  Auditorium, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Moratuwa.
Date   : 30th of March 2017
Time   : 11.15 a.m.
The annual  meeting of civil engineering society for year 2017 was held with main purpose of electing new office bearers for 2017.The meeting was conducted by Mr. Deshan Chanuka  secretary of CES with the presence of Prof.J.M.S.J.Bandara (Head of the department),Dr.J.M.A.Manathunga(Academic advisor),Prof. W.K.Mampearachchi ,Dr.L.I.N.De Silva(Senior Treasurer),Dr. W.B.Gunawardana.At first he invited to Mr. Kelum Sandamal former assistant secretary to read the minutes of the last meeting.The minutes of the previous meeting was proposed as in order by Mr. Nalaka Plgampola (sem 7)seconded by Mr.Ishan madushanka(sem 7). Mr Anushka Dassanayake presented the new constitution of the society & it seconded by Mr.Sachintha Gayan (sem 7) & Mr.Banuka VIduranga(sem 7). Then as the agenda of the meeting the new office bearers was selected as follows.
v  Academic advisor  : Dr. W. B .Gunawardana. (Appointed by Prof.J.M.S.J.Bandara & seconded by Dr.J.M.A.Manathunga)
v  Senior Treasurer: Prof. W. K. Mampearachchi.( Appointed by Prof.J.M.S.J.Bandara & seconded by Dr.L.I.N.De Silva) .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
v  President: Mr.Anushka Dassanayake (sem 7) [Suggested by Mr.Tharindu Piyumal(sem 7) & seconded by Mr.Amila Sankalpa(sem 7)].
v  Secretary: Mr.Achala Isuru (sem 7) [Suggested by Mr.Sachith Imalka(sem 7) & seconded by Mr. Pathum Lakruwan(sem 7)].
v  Vice-President :Mr.Sasith karunarathna(sem 5) [Suggested by Mr.Thisura Gamage(sem 5) & seconded by Mr. Tharaka Abesinghe(sem 5)].
v  Assistant secretary : Mr.Kelum Sandamal(sem 5) ) [Suggested by Mr.Roshan Sandaruwan(sem 5) & seconded by Mr. Thilanga Fonseka(sem 5)].
v  Junior treasurer :Mr.Kanishka Pramod(sem 7)  [Suggested by Mr.Thisura Gamage(sem 5) & seconded by Mr. Tharaka Abesinghe(sem 5)].
Editor: Mr. Isuru Ramawickrama(sem 7)  [Suggested by Mr.Vishwa Jayasinghe(sem 7) & seconded by Mr.Nuwantha Wijebandara(sem 7)].
Assistant Editors:
                Mr. Buddhi Rajapaksha (sem 5)  [Suggested by Mr.Hasitha Kithmal(sem 5) & seconded by Mr.     dileepa prabashwara(sem 5)].
                Ms.Sachini Wijewardhana(sem 5) [Suggested by Ms.Imalsha Rathnayaka(sem 5) & seconded by Ms.Nimna Manage(sem 5)].
Coordinators: Mr.Nishan Karunarathna(sem 7) [Suggested by Mr.Upamal Basnayake(sem 7) & seconded by Mr.Nadeera Rajapaksha(sem 7)].
                       Ms.Asanka De Silva(sem 7) [Suggested by Ms.Chathuri Jayamali(sem 7) & seconded by Ms.Darsha Dassanayake(sem 7)].

Assistant Coordinators:
                       Mr.Kalana Ranawaka (sem 5) [Suggested by Mr.Dimuthu Jayathilaka(sem 5) & seconded by Mr.Kushan Chandimal(sem 5)].
                       Mr.Janith Nipuna(sem 5)  [Suggested by Mr.Senehas Navodya(sem 5) & seconded by Mr.Praveen Maduwantha(sem 5)].

Committee Members :
                       Mr. Osanda Muthuhewa (sem 7)  [Suggested by Mr.Sahan Anuradha(sem 7) & seconded by               Mr.Vachira Senevirathna(sem 7)].
                       Mr. Lahiru Kalhara(sem 7) [Suggested by Mr.Sadun Nilakshana(sem 7) & seconded by Mr.Nadeera Sandaruwan(sem 7)].
                       Mr. Navodya Gamage(sem 7) [Suggested by Ms.Harshani Rajakaruna(sem 7) & seconded by Ms.Hasini Godawita(sem 7)].
                        Mr.Krishnakumar Thiniroshan(sem 7) [Suggested by Mr.Asfer Nazeer(sem 7) & seconded by Mr.Gangan Sudakaran(sem 7)].
                        Mr.Rizky Sameez(sem 5)  [Suggested by Mr.Zinthah Nawaz(sem 5) & seconded by Mr.Suraj Dombagahawaththage(sem 5)].
                        Mr.Nuwan Prabhath(sem 5) [Suggested by Mr.Thanura Hasntha(sem 5) & seconded by Mr.Sahan Shaminda(sem 5)].
                        Mr.Madhawa Dharmapriya(sem 5) [Suggested by Mr.Supun Sachintha(sem 5) & seconded by Mr.Ruwantha Geeshan(sem 5)].
                        Mr. Kalpa Silva(sem 5) [Suggested by Mr.Gihan Rupasinghe(sem 5) & seconded by Mr.Manoj Ranga(sem 5)].
10 Committee members from sem 3 appointed by Mr.Sasith karunarathna(vice president) & seconded by  Mr.Achala Isuru( secretary)

Former Secretary of CES invited to newly appointed President to taken over the meeting & the president welcomed all the guests and objectives of the civil engineering society were presented to the all members.
Next Dr.L.I.N.De Silva( Former Senior Treasurer)  talked about the past few year’s progress & about the history of the society. Further he said how it was developed under so many obstacles & the contribution of the all members. Finally he finished speech by congratulating the newly appointed committee members.
The president of the society Mr.Anushka Dassanayake thanked to Dr.L.I.N.De Silva to contribution he gave to the society over last 5 years & all the members highly appreciated the service of  Dr.L.I.N.De Silva.
Few plans for the upcoming year were presented to the audience by the president.
          1. New year festival 2017.
          2. Cricket festival.
          3. Suhastha( Seminar series).
          4. Civil Padura.
          5.Civil Night.
  Prof. W.K.Mampearachchi suggested to start Media & Photography subcommittee  & panel discussion series & it seconded by Dr. W.B.Gunawardana.
The secretary Mr. Achala Isuru thanked to all the members in the audience.                                        Finally the meeting adjourned at 12.15 p.m. by the president.

-----------------------------------------                                         ------------------------------
Anushka Dassanayake                                                             Achala Isuru
President of the Civil Engineering Society                                Secretary of Civl Engineering Society

Thursday, 4 May 2017

civil ape aurudhu 2017

It is a time where nature is at its best with greenery everywhere. All the trees and plants are in bloom. The crops get ripen and the fields look golden. Nature gives a grand solemn to our peckish eyes. Buds of flowers peep to see its beauteous sight. There is nothing but colors denoting the energy – the vivid and passionate pulse of life giving us new hopes and aspirations. The Sinhala and Tamil New Year, one of the exuberant festivals celebrated in Sri Lanka dawns in this epoch symbolizing the prosperity and ethnic harmony between people and the country. According to astrologers and planetary this festivity symbolizes the transition of the sun from the house of Pisces to house of Aries.

 Being a part of this ample ethnicity the civil engineering society of University of Moratuwa contributed to these multifaceted festivities on 06/04/2017 at the civil department premises. The department was decorated with vibrant ‘Kolan chithra’ by the Hindu devotees and a village house outside.

With the arrival of the Dean – faculty of engineering Professor K.K.C.K.Perera, Vice chancellor Professor Ananda Jayawardane and the Head of the civil department Professor J.M.S.J.Bandara the festival commenced.

Keeping up with the tradition, the ceremony of boiling milk was done by the students of the 2015 batch with the participation of the staff members of the department of civil engineering.
With the lighting of the oil lamp the food table was announced open by the Vice chancellor Professor Ananda Jayawardane together along with the staff. Once after all the guests present had cherished, the table was opened to all those adorned the occasion.

The event embellished with the commencement of the aurudu recreations such as crowning the ‘aurudu kumara and kumariya’ and other events which were truly enjoyed by the guest invitees that were present at the festival. Events had been organized with an open invitation which were enjoyed indeed by the participants and the spectators specially the level 3, 4, and 5 students and the students from other departments along with outbreaks of merriment.
 The ‘Pani Bambare’ game was amongst the major highlights and a glamorous dance presented by the students from the 2015 batch was able to catch everyone’s eye. ‘Dandukande Gaseema’,’Kamba Adeema’, ‘Kotta pora gaseema’ and ‘Kana muttiya bindeema’ also provided a major thrill to everyone. All this tremblesome amusement came to end with the giveaway of choosy and attractive prizes for the winners of the games.

This event was a prodigious achievement of all the brothers and sisters of the civil engineering department establishing as one big family that will lead the future in many ways marking the name of our university and country around the world in the times that will come forth.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Meth Mihira 2016

Meth Mihira-2016
“What makes someone different, is what makes them beautiful”
All humans are special and need love. Some are extra special and need extra love. They actually need affection, not mercy. Their expectation is a smile not a frown. As we all know world is like one family, we all have a responsibility to take care these extra special ones.

As the “Civil Family” of Moratuwa University, we always believe that, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is not an education at all”. So we needed to give our attention and affection to the ones who really need it. By using that idea as the base we could organize an amazing program called “Meth Mihira” to fulfil our target.
By following our previous batches, we supposed to engage with the adorable ones in “Meth Mihira Education Center” that situated in Koralawella, Moratuwa which was started in 2000 to operate as a day center for the children and youth with special needs.
“As harder we work for something, the greater we can feel when we are achieving it.”

The civil engineering society faced a lot of difficulties when organizing this event. But because of the tremendous effort of every civilian, we finally could arrange an amazing day for them. We had invited to the honourable guests from civil family for this lovely moment.

              It was 8th of April, 2016. A group of civilians went to the Meth Mihira education center to bring kids to the university premises and they could reach to the university at near 8.30 am. Another group were there in the front of the university to welcome them with worm hugs and lovely gifts.
On the way of bringing them to the civil department, soap bubbles flew everyware with rainbow colours as the kids already started to enjoy with the welcoming gifts. It was not a strange but all of us engaged with them while playing as those adorable loving faces could steal our hearts at the first glance of us.
After bringing them to the civil auditorium, we had started the ceremony with invited honourable guests of civil family. As basic traditions we had lighten the oil lamp and a representor of 14th batch had done the welcome speech. It was a great pleasure to listen to the guest speeches as always those words help us to get more courage for these kind of events.
                           Music is the language which can express things which cannot be explained by words. There were several events organized by Meth Mihira kids which had treated with a feast for the eyes of everyone.
                    There was a dancing event on the stage from girls of civil department of 14th batch while the audience enjoying refreshments. After that as a special event all the teachers of the Meth Mihira Education Center were awarded by souvenirs for their remarkable service as without them these students cannot bloom like spring flowers in their winter.
                     After all these indoor events, we supposed to come outside of the auditorium as our main aim was to give a memorable time to the kids with different kinds of events.

  As the first one we conducted a painting event. For that kids were divided in to small groups and civilians also separated for those groups. Every group could get a sketch of a well-known cartoon character and kids had been asked to colour those with using crayons which were provided. It was a fantastic experience for everyone and it was a great opportunity for us to be more friendly with those adorable ones. It was not just painting but some were enjoyed there while playing drums, singing songs and taking photographs. That lobby area was like a little heaven in that few seconds as those little kids always remembered us angle smiles.

                    Kids always love games. Considering that factor we had organized a cricket match and for that we brought all the students to the ground in front of the department. Kids showed an exceptional talent while playing cricket and all of the participants including us could enjoy well in this special event.
“Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind”

 As it was so tired after the cricket match, we had decided to get lunch and the lunch was arranged in the common room of the department and all the students including the staff members of the center could enjoy the lunch well. We were always there to take care of every child and we always felt that the only special need that they have is to be loved and accepted just in the way they are.

 After the lunch we had distributed balloons to them. We also organized some musical events like paper dancing and etc. All the little faces filled with happiness with pure and innocent smiles. They enjoyed the moment so well.


   People say that “Take time to do what makes your soul happy”. It was a great day for all of us. As time was already reached to ending time that we planned, we decided to go to the final event of distributing gifts to students. 

After that we had ended the overall event which gave us a lot of unforgettable memories for our entire life. As a memory we all gathered and took a group photograph which remembers all the memories that we had experienced.