Monday, 27 April 2015

Minutes of the CES meeting held on 26th of March 2015

VenueAuditorium, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Moratuwa.
Date: 26th of March, 2015
Time: 11.15 a.m.

The first meeting of the Civil Engineering Society for the year 2015 was initiated on the 26th of March, 2015 at 11.15 a.m. main objective othis meeting was to elect new office bearerfor 2015. The meeting was conducted by Mr. Tharindu Haputhanthri, former president of CES with the presence of Prof. S.M.ANanayakkara (Head of the department),Dr. J.M.A. Manatunge (Academic Advisor) and Dr. L. I. N. De Silva (Senior Treasurer of CES).At first he invited to the Mr.Gayan Hewage, former secretary to read the minutes of the last meeting.

Then as per the agenda, the office bearers were selected as follows,

Secretary:                   Mr.Hasantha Nimesh (Semester 4)
Suggested by Mr. Chatura Kodippili (Sem. 4) and seconded by Mr. Lahiru Karanayake (Sem. 4)

President:                   Mr. Gayan Hewage (Semester 6)
Suggested by Mr. Sumudu Herath (Sem. 6) and seconded by Mr. Saranga Wickramage (Sem. 6)

Senior Treasurer:        Dr. L. I. N. De Silva
Appointed by Prof. S. M. A. Nanayakkara (Head of the department)

Junior Treasurer:         Mr. Rajitha Anuruddha (Semester 6)
Suggested by Mr. Viduranga Gayan (Sem. 6) and seconded by Mr. Gihan de Alwis (Sem. 6)

Committee Members:  
 Mr. Deshan Chanuka (Semester 4)
Suggested by Mr. Tharindu Manamperi (Sem. 4) and seconded by Mr. Gimhan Jayasiri (Sem. 4)

  Mr.Achala isuru (Semester 2)
Suggested by Mr. Sachith Imalka(Sem. 2) and seconded by Mr. Amila Pathum(Sem2)

Assistant Secretary:   Mr. Anushka Dasanayake(Semester 2)
Suggested by Mr.Udara Wijerathna (Sem. 2) and seconded by Mr. Amila Sankalpa(Sem. 2)

Newly appointed President welcomed all the guests and the objectives  of  the society were  presented to the audience. Then Prof. S.M.ANanaykkara was invited to addresthe audience.

Prof S.M.A. Nanayakkara started talking by congratulating the newly appointed committee. Then he talked about the importance ohaving the society. Further he stated, as student how we can enjoy our time at the university and the importance of participating in extra-curricular activities, and also the need of having AGMs. By finishing his speech there, he told students how important the unity among batches.

Prof. S.M.ANanaykkara’s speech was followed by Dr. J.M.AManatunge. Dr. J.M.A. Manatunge talked about the history  of  the  society  and  how  it  was  started in 1990 athe  1st eveengineering society at University oMoratuwa. Further he said how it was developed under many obstacles and the thingwhich the society hadone throughout the past decades.

Next Dr. L.I.NDe Silva talked about the current financial position of CES. It wastated in his speech that currently there are Rs.500, 000 worth of cash equivalence in CES accounts. Also reminded about the agreements which are to be renewed during this year.

Few planfor the coming year were presented to the audience by Mr. Gayan Hewage

1.    New Year festiwal-2015
2.   Cricket Tournament 
3.   Symposium
4.   “Suhastha” – Seminar series
5.   “Civil Paduru” 
6.   Civil Night
7.    “Miyasirawa” – musical show

In the meeting, it was decided that the Academic Advisor (Dr. J.M.A. Manatunge) and Senior Treasurer (Dr. L. I. N. De Silva) of the Civil Engineers’ Society, are the authorized people to sign for bank cheques.