Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Meth Mihira 2013

Faith in Humanity, Restored - METH MIHIRA

Being Human. You can't be a good Civil Engineer if you aren't a good Human. In the hectic academic schedule, Civil Engineering students rarely get a chance to showcase their Humanitarian side. Civil Engineering society of UOM decided to hold a program called "Meth Mihira" for physically and Mentally Challenged kids of “Meth Mihira center ". Mora Civil students brought students from the aforementioned school and spent a day with them.

"Spending time with someone is the best way of saying I love you

Organizing a program like this is no mean feat; Yet Civil Engineering Society's organizing committee overcame all the difficulties with the help of all the students from the department. Without the help of the students, it couldn't have been achieved.

Kids from "Meth Mihira center" came to UOM in the early morning of "14/12/2013". Kids were accompanied by the Mora civil students to the Civil Auditorium where they were provided with Breakfast.

Now that the stomach is full, kids and the students of Mora civil were treated with a feast for the eyes. Both of them separately and jointly participated in many dance and drama events.


After the event, kids were brought out to the lobby where they were given papers with letters "M-E-T-H-M-I-H-I-R-A”. They started to paint the letters with the crayons that were given to them. All the kids took part in it with great amount of enthusiasm. Except few young boys, who took blasting balloons with their legs as their main job. Mora Civil students continuously gave balloons for them to blast it just so they can see the smile in their faces.
A Sri Lankan function isn't complete without a game of Cricket. After coloring Meth Mihira, male kids played cricket against Mora Civil students while female kids accompanied by the girls of Mora Civil where they had fun activities like singing and dancing. Kids showed exceptional talent while playing cricket and blasted Mora Civil bowling attack to all parts of the grounds. After a scintillating hour of Cricket Kids were provided with lunch in the common room.
And fun doesn't end there. After having lunch fun resumed, as they had Karaoke songs, dances and songs for another hour. After which they were taken to the bus. It was all too emotional around the bus as both the kids and undergraduates bid farewell to each other. ‘11 batch donated several essential items which included a printer, scanner and sawing materials etc

Bringing the students to the university and spending time with them and showing them there are people who care about them, kids saw that world isn't that bad after all. It was a successful event from Mora Civil.

Faith in the Humanity, Restored.