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Minutes of the CES meeting held on 20th of June 2013

Minutes of the CES meeting held on 20th of June 2013

Venue : Auditorium, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Moratuwa.
Date : 20th June 2013
Time : 11.15 a.m.

The first meeting of the Civil Engineering Society for the year 2013 was initiated on the 20th of june 2013 at 11.15 a.m. The main objective of this meeting was to elect new office bearers for 2013.The meeting was conducted by Mr. Lalitha Prasanga, secretary of CES with the presence of Prof. S.M.A. Nanayakkara (Head of the department), Dr. J.M.A. Manatunge (Academic Advisor) and Dr. L. I. N. De Silva (Senior Treasurer of CES) by reading the minutes from the last meeting. Then the meeting was handed over to Mr. Kasun Nandapala (Former President) to proceed with the agenda.
As per the agenda, the office bearers were selected as follows,
Secretary :                   Mr. Tharindu Haputhanthri (Semester 5)
Suggested by Mr. Manjula (Sem. 5) and seconded by Mr. Saman (Sem. 5)

President :                   Mr. Lalitha Prasanga (Semester 7)
Suggested by Mr. Nissanka (Sem. 7) and seconded by Mr. Shanil (Sem. 7)

Senior Treasurer :        Dr. L. I. N. De Silva
Appointed by Prof. S. M. A. Nanayakkara (Head of the department)

Junior Treasurer :         Mr. Waishakya Hithaishi (Semester 7)
Suggested by Mr. Manindu (Sem. 7) and seconded by Mr. Lakshri (Sem. 7)

Committee Members :  Mr. Saranga Adeesha (Semester 5)
Suggested by Mr. Sanjaya (Sem. 5) and seconded by Mr. Suranga (Sem. 5)

Mr. Rajitha Anuruddha(Semester 3)
Suggested by Mr. Shehan (Sem. 5) and seconded by Mr. Viduranga (Sem. 5)

Assistant Secretary :   Mr. Gayan Hewage (Semester 3)
Suggested by Mr. Saranga (Sem. 5) and seconded by Mr. Achintha (Sem. 5)

Newly appointed President welcomed all the guests and the objectives of the society were presented to the audience. Then Mr. Lalitha invited Prof. S.M.A. Nanaykkara to address the audience.

Prof. S.M.A. Nanaykkara started talking by congratulating the newly appointed committee. Then he talked about the importance of having the society. Further he stated, as student how we can enjoy our time at the university and the imortance of participating in extra-curricular activities. Also the need of having AGMs. By finishing his speech there, he told students how important the unity among batches.

Prof. S.M.A. Nanaykkara’s speech was followed by Dr. J.M.A. Manatunge. Dr. J.M.A. Manatunge talked about the history of the society and how it was started in 1990 as the 1st ever engineering society at University of Moratuwa. Further he said how it was developed under many obstacles and the things which the society has done throughout the past decades.

Next Dr. L.I.N. De Silva talked about the current financial position of CES. It was stated in his speech that currently there are Rs.500,000 worth of cash equivalence in CES accounts. Also reminded about the agreements which are to be renewed during this year.

Few plans for the coming year were presented to the audience by Mr. Lalitha.

1 Meth Mihira
2 Cricket Tournament (Scheduled to hold on 20th of July 2013)
4 Suhastha – Advanced Level Seminar series
5 Peduru Party
6 Civil Night

Several suggestions were made by the students to be implemented in the year ahead as stated below.

1 Guest Lectures
Mr. Shemal (Semester 7) suggested that the guest lectures should also involve in non civil
engineering applications and he further stated that it is better if those lectures can be given to all the civil engineering batches at once without focusing on one batch. Dr. Manatunge also said that we should have at least 5 guest lectures.

2 Sports Day
Students suggested that it is better if we can have a sports day including sports such as Volleyball, Football, etc. So the students who are interested in such sports can also have a good time.

3 Workshops
Students suggested that we should have workshops which are conducted by well known personalities or leading companies in civil engineering. Also Dr. L.I.N. De Silva reminded about a workshop which was held before regarding Table Manners and the importance of having another.

With the note that the next meeting would be called as soon as possible to further discuss the implementation of these suggestions, the meeting was concluded.

Academic Adviser