Thursday, 4 May 2017

civil ape aurudhu 2017

It is a time where nature is at its best with greenery everywhere. All the trees and plants are in bloom. The crops get ripen and the fields look golden. Nature gives a grand solemn to our peckish eyes. Buds of flowers peep to see its beauteous sight. There is nothing but colors denoting the energy – the vivid and passionate pulse of life giving us new hopes and aspirations. The Sinhala and Tamil New Year, one of the exuberant festivals celebrated in Sri Lanka dawns in this epoch symbolizing the prosperity and ethnic harmony between people and the country. According to astrologers and planetary this festivity symbolizes the transition of the sun from the house of Pisces to house of Aries.

 Being a part of this ample ethnicity the civil engineering society of University of Moratuwa contributed to these multifaceted festivities on 06/04/2017 at the civil department premises. The department was decorated with vibrant ‘Kolan chithra’ by the Hindu devotees and a village house outside.

With the arrival of the Dean – faculty of engineering Professor K.K.C.K.Perera, Vice chancellor Professor Ananda Jayawardane and the Head of the civil department Professor J.M.S.J.Bandara the festival commenced.

Keeping up with the tradition, the ceremony of boiling milk was done by the students of the 2015 batch with the participation of the staff members of the department of civil engineering.
With the lighting of the oil lamp the food table was announced open by the Vice chancellor Professor Ananda Jayawardane together along with the staff. Once after all the guests present had cherished, the table was opened to all those adorned the occasion.

The event embellished with the commencement of the aurudu recreations such as crowning the ‘aurudu kumara and kumariya’ and other events which were truly enjoyed by the guest invitees that were present at the festival. Events had been organized with an open invitation which were enjoyed indeed by the participants and the spectators specially the level 3, 4, and 5 students and the students from other departments along with outbreaks of merriment.
 The ‘Pani Bambare’ game was amongst the major highlights and a glamorous dance presented by the students from the 2015 batch was able to catch everyone’s eye. ‘Dandukande Gaseema’,’Kamba Adeema’, ‘Kotta pora gaseema’ and ‘Kana muttiya bindeema’ also provided a major thrill to everyone. All this tremblesome amusement came to end with the giveaway of choosy and attractive prizes for the winners of the games.

This event was a prodigious achievement of all the brothers and sisters of the civil engineering department establishing as one big family that will lead the future in many ways marking the name of our university and country around the world in the times that will come forth.

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